We Trap Raccoons

Raccoons rarely exhibit a fear of people or civilization, since they are born and raised in our neighborhoods. At one time, raccoons found housing in piles of stone, fallen trees, or holes in the banks of creeks. Over the years, as we have appropriated and changed these environments into our living spaces, raccoons have replaced their former nesting places with attics, crawl spaces, hot tubs, decks, tool sheds, and storm drains. Dog and cat water bowls, swimming pools, and ponds have replaced water sources such as creeks and springs.

Our raccoon removal specialists have experience working with raccoons both inside a home and out in the yard where they commonly rip apart lawns as they search for a meal of fresh grub worms. We also have a lot of raccoon trapping techniques and procedures to get raccoon out of attics, wood stoves, fireplaces, basements, chimneys and crawl spaces.

We Trap Raccoons

In the past, raccoons were considered to be more of a suburban problem, but urban raccoon removal calls are on the upswing. Raccoons will go wherever they find food and shelter, and the cities offer both in abundance. If you’re having problems with raccoons in your Shreveport Bossier City home or business, contact Wildlife Abatement for expert raccoon removal services.

The only long-term permanent means of coping with troublesome raccoons is to exclude them from areas where you do not want them. Raccoons are intelligent animals whose routines are dictated by their needs. If they cannot get a meal at one place, they will look elsewhere, and they will remember where they can and cannot expect to have their hunger satisfied.

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